Attempting to “hack” this website

Von | Dezember 6, 2020

By Peter Baier (Site owner)

Our web presentation seems to cause some sort of anger or annoyance to a certain group of people. I deduce that from the fact that since some days ago we are repeatedly facing attempts to log into the admin account of this website. These attempts are launched from all over the world, about one or two dozens per day:

IP of wanna-be intruder
Location of origin
Previous abuse reports Date India YES 2020-12-04 California/USA YES  
2600:1700:8be1:6f20:e46a:241:a0a1:214c New Jersey/USA NO Vietnam NO Turkey YES  
2001:4c4d:1cc0:2600:c5e6:737d:3837:8041 Hungary NO
2a01:cb1d:8643:3500:b0b8:1939:b343:b9d6 France NO Algeria NO  
2a02:1811:ce24:c100:d15e:bc3a:18b6:a8b7 Belgium NO Poland YES 2020-12-05 Morocco YES Poland NO  
2a02:120b:2c64:5700:50bb:3e2c:f9bc:3911 Switzerland NO  
2001:1c04:390e:8b00:29e6:13d5:2a1d:8de Netherlands NO Spain YES Vietnam NO  
2604:2000:1002:4b:e18c:807c:7f7d:a523 New Jersey/USA NO Spain YES  
2a01:cb1d:8643:3500:b9ba:e08b:dc88:796 France NO Nicaragua YES 2020-12-06
2a02:1811:ce24:c100:cdaa:f531:cda4:d22d Belgium NO Kenya YES  
2a02:1811:ce24:c100:cdaa:f531:cda4:d22d Belgium NO Nicaragua YES Turkey YES Kenya YES  
2001:56b:bd68:4c00:b846:4e9b:3ab8:cccd Canada YES Turkey YES  
2001:56b:bd68:4c00:b846:4e9b:3ab8:cccd Canada YES

Lots of the IP-addresses listed above have been previously recorded into a database storing the origins of malicious web activities.

The game now here runs that way: After having been blocked once after a certain (and very low) number of failed logins the wanna-be intruder returns and tries again, subsequently “rewarded” with a very much longer blocking period. In the meanwhile some of his colleagues take over and try to bring this site down.

So my message to these amateur “hackers”: Hey guys: If you have only the stupid “brute force” method to get into this site it might take you decades or even centuries to do so! Have you ever thought about that? OK, they won’t pay you that much money but is it worth doing that job?

And if you finally REALLY should manage to get into our site I promise you a reward of a hundred bucks in cash (which for sure is a lot of money for guys like YOU!) to be picked up here at my location.

And, sorry to say, no money transfer! Don’t even ask! Only CASH!

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